Personal Tax Compliance and Planning

We recognise that many people could benefit from expert advice to identify tax-efficient strategies and solutions to help make more of their money.

Whether you are a high net worth individual, or one of the 11.5 million people who complete a self­assessment income tax return each year, it makes sense to seek expert advice on your tax affairs.

The complex UK tax regime includes many common-sense opportunities to mitigate tax bills as well as higher level options that deliver tax efficiency whilst ensuring complete compliance with HM Revenue & Customs.

Vista Partners, accountants and tax advisers in Surrey, specialise in providing personal tax planning advice, tailored to your financial circumstances, current priorities and future goals.

As well as dealing with your annual tax return and maximising reliefs and allowances to which you are entitled, we'll look at the bigger picture to offer holistic advice that ensures all aspects of your tax affairs - including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax - work in harmony, to achieve the best outcomes. We also offer expertise in the complex area of non-domiciliary taxes.

In structuring your tax affairs for maximum efficiency, we aim to develop a comprehensive personal finance plan that takes into account issues including:

  • school and university fees
  • mortgages.
  • property.
  • savings and investments
  • insurance cover
  • healthcare provision
  • retirement planning
  • trusts
  • estate planning

To find out more about Personal tax services in Surrey, or to arrange a free, initial meeting, please contact us.