Trusts are legal arrangements that allow you to give away assets, such as money, property and shares, in a tax-efficient and controlled way, for the benefit of the people you choose.

Although they are often thought of as only for the wealthy, they can be equally useful for people with more modest assets and in a range of circumstances.

For example, trusts can be used to specify at what age or in what circumstances you wish your beneficiaries to receive money or property, or even to protect assets indefinitely if you do not wish your beneficiaries to have full control of these.

They can also allow funds to be set aside your children’s education or to provide for people with a learning disability or other incapacity and are valuable as part of estate planning, for example where arrangements for passing on wealth are made more complex by previous marriages where stepchildren are involved.

The team at Vista Partners accountants and chartered tax advisers in Surrey is experienced in all aspects of trust work.

We can advise on the most suitable type of trust for your purposes, set up trusts, ensure that all tax obligations are met and provide a full range of accounting services for trusts to provide accurate financial information.

As a firm with a strong tax expertise, we are also regularly involved in advising on the use of trusts as a tax planning tool.

Successful trust and estate planning requires a multi-disciplinary approach with accountants, lawyers, investment advisers and other specialists working together, so we are experienced in working collaboratively with fellow professionals to provide co-ordinated advice.

To find out more about our tax, accountancy and business advisory services in Surrey, or to arrange a free, initial meeting, please contact us.

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