Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

The acquisition of another business or company, or merging with another enterprise, can make sense from different business perspectives, from increasing your market share and reducing competition to cutting costs and overheads and gaining the skills of specialist staff.

At other times, a disposal of your firm may be the most appropriate course of action, perhaps because the time is right for retirement or because you want to free up funds for other business ventures.

Whether you are starting a new venture, expanding an existing business or wanting to take life easier, Vista Partners accountants and chartered tax advisers in Surrey can help you make informed decisions, throughout the acquisition, merger or disposal process, and support you every step of the way. Our services include:

  • identifying potential targets for acquisitions or mergers
  • identifying potential purchasers
  • screening targets for suitability
  • carrying out business and company valuations
  • negotiating with vendors or purchasers
  • raising finance
  • carrying out financial due diligence
  • structuring sale agreements
  • advising on the tax implications of transactions and maximising tax efficiency for the business and individuals involved.

To find out more about our tax, accountancy and business advisory services in Surrey, or to arrange a free, initial meeting, please contact us.

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